I began practicing meditation at the age of seven. I didn't know that was what I was doing, but I was using a body scan technique that I had discovered to help me fall asleep at night. Then, 11 years later, I discovered formal meditation while reading the book, "Autobiography of a Yogi," by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

I was hooked. I began meditating every day, sometimes for up to two hours. I had a sense that somehow, meditation was the answer to a deep longing that I had felt for years. I had, for some time, felt a sense that there were two versions of myself; the one that I was living, and the one that I could be. 

That same year, I dropped out University to learn survival skills from Tom Brown Jr. Over the next decade I would spend thousands of hours testing my skills in the wilderness. I would spend days in solitude, sitting in one place, hoping to unlock answers to what I was truly capable of. 

While following this path, I was introduced to two Blackfoot Elders and spent several years involved in the spiritual community of the Blackfoot people where I learned to endure many hardships through sweatlodge, fasting, and sundance ceremonies. During this time, I discovered that through deep concentration, the body can endure far more than we could imagine.

Eventually, I returned to a city life, where I went back to University and pursued a career in real estate. Yes, this was quite a transition from the life I had led, but I felt that I wanted to embrace all that life had to offer in the modern world. I also believed that if I were to have the type of impact that I hoped to, I would need to understand how to bridge the traditional and the contemporary.

During my transition back into a modern lifestyle, I developed practices over years of experimentation that allowed me to gain more and more control over my daily experience. Meaning that I could maintain a sense of optimism, awareness, and fulfillment no matter where I was. 

In 2018, I returned to post secondary eduction to further my knowledge of meditation, earning a certificate in Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation through the University of Toronto. 

Now I have put together my most impactful lessons and discoveries into online programs that can help people to find inner control over their outer experience. Finding balance in a busy, modern life is challenging, but it is doable if we make a practice of finding balance regularly.



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