Stop letting stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts overrun your life. Create a daily habit that will give you calm confidence throughout your day.

Maybe you’ve tried meditation, but have struggled to do it consistently. Or maybe you just didn’t notice any benefits. This program is designed to create an easy and enjoyable habit of meditation that will take you leaps and bounds ahead.

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Personalized Exercises

Get help identifying and developing key areas in your practice and mindset.

Daily Accountability

Get daily check-ins to keep on track.

Weekly One on One

A 30 minute phone call each week to discuss where you’re at and where you’d like to go.

Benefits You Will Receive

  • Increased FOCUS – the ability to keep your mind on one subject for longer AND return it to your subject more quickly when distracted.
  • Improved STRESS MANAGEMENT – from your daily commute, to dealing with kids, co-workers, deadlines, and the mounting pressures of a modern life, you will develop a skill of calmness that will carry over from your meditation practice to your everyday experiences.
  • Become more AWARE of your thoughts so that you can calm your anxious, hectic mind.
  • Enhance SLEEP quality.
  • More CONFIDENCE and PRESENCE through mindfulness practice.

“Matt and his coaching program have had a profound impact on my life. Through a dedicated meditation practice, guided and influenced by Matt I have been able to double my business revenues two years in a row, lead a more calm and balanced life, and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves through meditation and goal setting.”

Gabriel P.


“The changes that I noticed were immediate – right after the first day. I had tried doing some meditation on my own before with almost no success. I started having a much more even mood absolutely the next day. “


Small Business Owner

What’s holding you back?

Do you wish that you weren’t so easily distracted?

Do you wish that it was easier to find the motivation to do the things that you KNOW are good for you?

Do you wish that you could SLOW DOWN your mind when under pressure and become even MORE CALM?

Do you wish you could SLEEP BETTER at night?

Do you wish you had more patience and ability to stay present so that you could enjoy life more?

You can experience ALL these things!

Here’s what 90 days of coaching does for you:

  • Creates accountability – you will find a sense of discipline and commitment like never before…
  • Beginner friendly – you don’t need any previous experience…
  • Start easy and build momentum – you will increase your dedication as you gain confidence and skill…
  • Discover consistency – in order to truly ingrain a new habit, you need to sustain it, this program ensures that the habit of meditation will be locked in for good…
  • You will be amazed as you begin to see how easy it is for you to bring a new sense of calmness and presence to your life, every day.

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly one-on-one calls with Matt to discuss your personal progress.
  • Daily check ins to be sure you are staying on track.
  • Tap into 30 years of meditation experience and 20 years of teaching experience to make HUGE advancements in your practice.

Right now is the time:

If you’ve been struggling to take advantage of all the benefits that you know meditation can give you…

If you’ve been struggling to find consistency

If you are ready to find more confidence, clarity, and calmness EVERY DAY

If you are ready to step into your potential so that you no longer feel unhappy and unsatisfied

If you are ready to move past all of the BLOCKS that are holding you back…


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