Master Your Focus


Do you ever wonder what more you could be achieving in your life? What if you had the ability to master your focus, giving you more productive hours in the day to do more of what you wanted? What if you could learn to not pay so much attention to the problems in your life and focus more on what you enjoy?

We will all inevitably have challenges that come up from time to time, but how we deal with them dictates the quality of our lives. To learn more about how to become the master of your attention, check out my 10 day program.

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How to Stay in Flow All Day


Trying something new this week while I take you around with me for part of my day. Pick up some tips for how to stay in alignment as you go about your daily routines.

By starting your day off with meditation, you can then maintain your mood and presence while you to travel from place to place. 

You can learn more about daily meditation practices here.


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Leading with Calmness


Find out more about online programs here.

Meditation is not just about sitting down for a few minutes a day to clear the mind. Today I'm talking about how to transition the skill of calmness into calm confidence when dealing with people throughout our day. 

By training the mind to identify when agitation is arising and then coaching the body into relaxation, we can begin to bring our meditation practice to practical life. 

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Growing Through Pain


It's becoming more and more apparent to me that many people struggle to make real change in their lives and that often this is because of our inability to face difficult truths. This was the case for me, and I'm sure there is plenty more growth for me to do in this area. 

What I'm learning to do, is be present with pain or discomfort, without running away from it or avoiding it. This is leading to deeper relationships, more honesty, more self-acceptance, and more growth. I'm sharing this because no matter where we are at, we can all use a refresher on how we use pain to our advantage. 

In today's meditation, I'm sharing a technique for finding more comfort in dealing with pain and seeing it from a third person perspective, rather than reliving the same emotions over and over again. In time, this practice has the capability of enabling us to be present with discomfort, and deal with it, leading us to a better version of ourselves. 

To learn more about this and to...

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More Mindful


I've got a bit of a crush on mindfulness right now. And the reason is that since I started practicing it regularly, I have seen HUGE changes in my daily experiences. I'm seeing myself more clearly and the ways that my mind turns things into more than they often need to be. I'm identifying my thoughts in advance of my reactions and it's bringing a sense of presence and calmness beyond anything I've felt before. 

For these reasons, and more, I will not shut up about mindfulness. I want the world to know that if loving mindfulness is wrong, I'm still going to try to marry it. It's 2019, people, and we can love who and whatever we want. 

If you want to start taking your relationship with mindfulness and meditation to the next level also, check out my 10 day online program.

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Anxiety Management


Probably the number one reason that people are being led to meditation these days is anxiety. I talk with new people about this daily and in this video I am offering some basic ideas and practices for anxiety management.

Anxiety is our response to stress and so much of it is made up in the mind. Although it may not be realistic to not experience it at all, we can learn to identify thoughts that lead to anxiety and learn to change our relationship with them.

After a discussion of anxiety, I guide a meditation that will help you train your mind and bring more awareness and calmness to your everyday experience.

To learn about how you can master stress and anxiety in your life, check out my 10 online program.

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If you are frequently feeling stress and anxiety, you will find some useful ideas in this video. How do I know that? Because I have dealt with crazy amounts of stress and anxiety in my past and I developed this meditation to deal with them. After practicing the art of surrendering for a few months, I began to notice a HUGE difference in my ability to LET GO of situations that I didn't have control or NEED control over. I began allowing things to be, rather than wanting them to change, so that I could spend more time enjoying my life.

I hope you find this technique helpful!

Much love, Matt

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This week I’m sharing a guided meditation for developing equanimity with our past. This act of bringing mental calmness to our previous experiences, over time, creates the ability for new neural pathways to be formed, meaning, new habits of thought and healthier choices. 

To learn more about how to create a habit of meditation and a more empowered mindset, check out my 10 day online program.

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Holiday Giveaway


Win a 10 day online meditation training program that you can use for yourself or give as a gift this xmas. Just follow me on instagram and facebook @mattgristdotcom and tag a friend who you think would like to learn more about meditation.

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Introduction to Mindfulness


Today I am talking about why mindfulness is so useful, followed by a short (~5 min) guided meditation. 

If you want to learn more about different types of meditation and how to create a consistent practice, click this link to find out more.


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