Meditating with "Ears Open"


This week, we adventure into the mountains around the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and find a beautiful high mountain lake to explore. I share a technique for expanding your awareness through hearing all things within your surroundings at once.

This is a great technique to practice while in nature or even to help manage distractions when meditating in busy places. Hope you enjoy some of the footage of this rugged and remote place. It is so breathtaking!

Matt and Birch

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Find Calmness to Transcend Stresses


This week I am taking a plunge in some ice-cold water, but before-hand, I will be using meditation to control first my mind, and then my response to stress. This is a technique that can be used not only with physical stress, but with emotional and social stress as well.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can use meditation to manage your mind, body, and emotions, check out my 10 day program.

In it, you'll learn the basics of meditation and how to gain more clarity over your mindset on a daily basis. This means less stress, more presence and enjoyment of life.

All the best,


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Become The Best Version of You with Practice


This week, Birch and I wandered around the wilderness, played in the water, and did some meditating. In this video I discuss how we can use meditation as a tool to practice being who we really want to be.

It's possible not only to change, but to change for the better. It may take some work though!

Check out my 10 day program here.

See you next week!

Matt and Birch

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Learning to Be Here Now


This week I am back in Alberta, going on an adventure with my dog, Birch. We explore some of the beautiful wilderness of Kananaskis Country and talk about the practice of becoming more fully present. 

I also discuss how to meditate with your eyes open; a valuable skill in translating still calmness into moving calmness! 

To check out my Youtube channel, go here.

To find out about how you can become a meditator and a start taking advantage of your innate ability to bring calmness and joy to your life, go here.

Thanks for watching!


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Reverse Time (Part 3)


In the final part of my three part series on how meditation give time back to you, I discuss the impacts on the brain and productivity.

Studies show that you are getting more work done, with less effort, when you meditate.

Check out this link to learn more.

To learn how to meditate. 

Get 1-on-1 coaching and create a powerful habit of meditation.

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Reverse Time (Part 2)


More this week on how meditation gives us back more time than we put into it... sleep. Yes, meditation helps us to sleep quicker, deeper, and can even leave us requiring less of it.

10 day program to learn to meditate

Improved sleep quality study

Boosts melatonin (and more) article

Fall asleep quicker article

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Reverse Time (Part 1)


This week, I begin a three part series debunking the idea that we don't have enough time to meditate. The truth is, meditation GIVES us back more time than we put into it.

Citing scientifically proven data, let's look at why it makes absolute sense for us to make meditation a regular part of our lives.


10/10/10 Program:

All the best,


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The Okayest Meditation Ever


Do you feel like you suck at meditation?! This video is for you!

I had the opportunity to work with 15 people, one on one, last week and when I asked them where they were at with their meditation practice, like, 14 of them said, "I want to meditate, but I'm not good at it."

Whoa. Okay. I'm trying to help people practice meditation but most of them aren't even ready for that. It would appear that what most people need, is to practice the attitude that they are bringing to meditation first.

What I mean is that we need to find a way of being okay with where we're at. We have to stop putting unrealistic expectations (sound like something familiar) on ourselves so that we can actually enjoy the process of meditation. 

This has to happen BEFORE we even start meditating, so that we can even access the many many proven benefits of its practice. 

So this week I'm talking about how to be okay WITH meditation, before we become okay AT meditation.

If you want to explore...

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Transcending Physical Pain


Follow along as I guide Erin through the steps to transcending the cold and explain how to manage states of physical pain through breathing and meditation.

With over 20 years of experience in managing extreme physical stress, I'm sharing my insights on how I've endured extreme heat, cold, fatigue, malnourishment, and more...

The steps are simple:
1. Focus the mind deeply
2. Don't anticipate pain
3. Don't acknowledge pain

There are valuable lessons to be gleaned from this practice on where we focus our attention in life.

If you want to find out more about meditation and potentially exploring these ideas further, check out

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If you are a human, then you know what it means to have insecurity. Now, considering how common insecurities are, it's strange that we are never really taught how to manage them. 

Insecurities are scary and intimidating when we don't have tools to create awareness and calmness around them. So today I am taking us on a journey into understanding where insecurities come from, why we tend to avoid them, and how we can change our relationship with them so the power they once had over us begins to diminish. 

This stuff works! Give it a try.


If you want to learn more about my online 10 day meditation program, visit

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