Stop living in anxiety and stress.

Get started with a program that will teach you to make a habit of focused calmness. Just like you developed a habit of feeling anxiety, you can create a habit of appreciation and composure. The 10/10/10 Program not only helps to keep you accountable, but teaches you how to overcome anything you set your mind to. 


10 Minutes of Appreciation

Want you know why you NEVER feel satisfied? You aren't giving enough attention to what you ALREADY HAVE.

10 Minutes of Meditation

STOP trying to STOP your thoughts. Instead, CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP with them. 

10 Days in a Row

EASY to FOLLOW, step by step lessons, that build on your SKILLS and lead you do finding a practice that works FOR YOU.

Benefits You'll Receive

  • Increased FOCUS - the ability to keep your mind on one subject for longer AND return it to your subject more quickly when distracted.
  • Improved STRESS MANAGEMENT - from your daily commute, to dealing with kids, co-workers, deadlines, and the mounting pressures of a modern life, you will develop a skill of calmness that will carry over from your meditation practice to your everyday experiences.
  • Become more AWARE of your thoughts so that you can calm your anxious, hectic mind.

  • Enhance SLEEP quality.

  • More CONFIDENCE and PRESENCE through mindfulness practice. 

"I loved Matt’s 10/10/10 program. It was fun to do and the exercises were excellent. Matt’s great explanations and exercises took me easily from one level to the next. I’ve done several other popular meditation programs and Matt’s is head and shoulders above all of them. It was both inspiring and energizing. Plus he gave practical ways to integrate mindfulness into my every day life which have been invaluable."

Sandi L.
Relationship Coach

"After participating in Matt's 10-day meditation program, I saw results immediately. It was like there was this shift, where now every morning one of the first things I do is meditate, it's like I crave it now."

Melaina G.

"I think that anyone can benefit from this. From a beginner who hasn't done any meditation to someone who has done lots. It's really just a useful tool for the betterment of your life. "

Stephanie G.

Imagine this:

Whenever you're feeling stressed...

Whenever you're feeling anxious...

Whenever you need to find mental calmness... 

Whenever life feels overwhelming...

You have the ability to tap into inner peace... On call. 

You can!

That's exactly what the 10/10/10 Program is designed to do. 

Here's what it does for you:

  • Each session puts you in touch with your own ability to redefine your perspective - putting you in control...
  • Beginner friendly - you don't need any previous meditation experience...
  • Easy to follow - if you have tried meditation before, but found it difficult, this program will walk you step-by-step through understanding that meditation is meant to be easy and enjoyable...
  • Just press play and watch as Matt guides you through the sessions. Soon you will have the ability to find focus, awareness, and mental calmness anytime, anywhere...
  • You will be amazed as you begin to see how easy it is for you to bring a new sense of calmness and presence to your life, every day.  

Here's what you get:

  • 20 modules to get you in the habit of calm confidence and gratitude.

  • Over five (5) hours of the most simple, yet effective meditation and mindset training ever offered online.

  • All of the sessions are easily accessed via desktop or mobile and you can come back to them any time you wish.


1. What if I don't have enough time to do both videos each day?

The videos are released to you all at once and you will have them for life. Just come back and pick up where you left off at any time. 

2. I find it very difficult to focus. What if meditation is not for me?

Meditation, more than anything, is about learning to be okay with what you're experiencing. A part of your practice is learning to make peace with your thoughts, rather than trying to control them. During the program, Matt will help you understand how to change your perspective in a step by step, easy to follow, manner. 

3. It's difficult for me to find things to appreciate. Why should I feel good when there are others who are suffering?

The best gift that we can give the world, is the best version of ourselves. We have to show others through our example what's possible. Finding inner satisfaction is the first step to helping others find theirs.

4. I like appreciation writing/meditation but not meditation/appreciation writing, do I have to do them both?

Ultimately this program is designed to help you feel better and better each day. Although I strongly recommend that you use both practices hand in hand, it is not mandatory. You can always come back and do skipped modules later.

5. Why would I purchase this program when there are others available at a cheaper price?

This program is the only one of its kind, that incorporates the habit of appreciation and meditation daily, with ongoing support throughout. Matt's 30 years of meditation practice and over 20 years of teaching is yours to take advantage of. Additionally, you have an opportunity to ask questions that Matt will respond to directly throughout your program.

6. What if I give this a try and I just can't do it? What if I'm not satisfied? 

There is a 30 day money back guarantee on any program that you take so you can always give it a try and then get your money back if things don't work out. 

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Because we know after you receive the calming affect that meditation will give you, you’ll want to go into a deeper and more intimate practice to continue to change your life for the better.

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