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Mindfulness is a practice that anyone can use to develop ever-increasing personal awareness. Through this awareness, we come to see the truth of ourselves and make decisions more in alignment with that truth.

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No matter if you are new to mindfulness, or have been practicing for years, the journey of the rest of your life begins now.

About Matt

Matt has been working as a teacher and coach for over 20 years. He is certified as both a mindfulness meditation teacher and a wellness coach in addition to holding a degree in business from the University of Calgary. 

His life has been built around deep connection (with people and nature), a sense of adventure (inwardly and outwardly), and a powerful passion to impact the world from the foundation up. His belief is that each human who discovers their true potential, becomes a powerful force for expanded consciousness.

That philosophy begins within and Matt walks his talk. After learning to meditate at the age of seven, Matt went on to study and practice within the spiritual community of the Blackfoot tribe of southern Alberta, while teaching wilderness survival and nature immersion to at-risk youth in the Canadian Rockies. 

Matt then created a successful real estate investment company while travelling the world and learning about the commonalities that make us all a part of the human experience. During his career as a teacher and coach, Matt has worked with teams from Google, Facebook, Lululemon, and more. 

Throughout his adult life, there has been a burning desire to uncover the dormant potential not only in himself, but in others. The programs that Matt now offers are the culmination of over 20 years of spiritual deep diving, relentlessly pushing personal boundaries, and a fearless approach to life’s most uncomfortable questions. 

It is in those places that we fear to look, that our greatest future strength and growth lies. Matt’s coaching process guides individuals to ever-more expansive comfort in the presence of previously uncomfortable environments. 


“Matt and his coaching program have had a profound impact on my life. Through a dedicated meditation practice, guided and influenced by Matt I have been able to double my business revenues two years in a row, lead a more calm and balanced life, and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves through meditation and goal setting.”

Gabriel Padva
CEO, Revenue Accelerator

“Matt helped me take an idea and drill down to the root desires behind the idea, allowing for further ideation, and resolve to take the idea to its next logical steps, and ultimately launch a new company. I greatly appreciate Matt’s down-to-earth, creative, and probing style, and recommend him to those looking to make a breakthrough in their mindset or on a problem they are seeking to solve.”

Cordell Jacks
Social Entrepreneur

“My work with Matt was immensely helpful. I had been feeling disconnected from myself and my spiritual practice, and Matt helped me identify why that might be and helped me set up some simple, practical goals that I could achieve. His gentle approach, combined with humour and helpful self-disclosure, made it a really easy conversation to have. I always say that you can tell who has done their own emotional and spiritual work because it always spills out into their practice. Matt walks the vulnerable walk and truly understands and leans into the challenge of simply being human.”

Stephanie Huls

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